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Vicki- Video Remote Interpreting
American Language Technologies brings you Vicki (learn more about VICKI), a Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) service. Users can schedule interpretation services 3 or more hours before starting the VRI session.

Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting
Different clients require different accommodations depending on the size and nature of the project/event at hand. Whether it's one on one, or a large conference catering to any number of cultures/languages, ALT can provide consecutive or simultaneous translation services by our qualified interpreters to assure the project/event is completed effectively.

Website Localization
In a rapidly changing and growing world, ALT knows the importance of technology, and making sure technology caters to different cultures. Offering website localization is just one way we can help companies keep up with the ever changing needs of the business world.

Document Translation & Review
American Language Technologies strongly believes in maintaining our tradition of quality through our network of qualified translators. Each project is treated with priority and an eye for detail, whether it's a simple one page document, or documents reaching into the thousands. To assure the highest level of accuracy translators are assigned according to their area of expertise and the scope of the project. Upon completion, each project is reviewed and edited to assure quality control. At the client's request, each project can be accompanied by a notarized document stating the translator's knowledge and/or certification.

Escort Interpreting
Businesses with international ties need that extra edge to assure that their message and image are conveyed to other cultures the same as it is in their home land. When businesses host visitors from countries where they hold these international ties, an escort interpreter is the best way to assure those visitors are comfortable, whether picking them up from the airport, assisting in shopping, or accompanying them to meetings and conferences.

Court Certified Interpreters
Court interpreters are certified by the states in which they live

American Language Technologies provides experienced interpreters in almost any language or dialect; they are specially trained in the precise techniques required for depositions.

Voice-over Recordings
Whether the project is a one time deal, or ongoing, our team of voice-over talent will put their best industry specific experience to work on each assignment. Our goal is to provide out client with timely quality production.

Wire Intercept Services

American Language Technologies (ALT) offers highly qualified and professionally trained Linguists for Sensitive Wire Intercept Services. Each and every individual goes through a rigorous and extensive clearance / application process. ALT sets the standard and always goes above and beyond no matter what the task may be.

Whether it's technical patent translation, or a worldwide women's conference, ALT provides language professionals necessary to make a corporate event an overwhelming success.

For additional language and services information, proceed to the Contact Us link on this website.

With a network of over 3400 professionals worldwide representing over 95 languages, ALT can meet the most demanding of needs.

Specializing in the impossible, ALT makes every effort to offer services for any language or dialect requested, including:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Farsi
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Persian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Samoan
  • Spanish
    and others.
All fields are represented, whether they are general business, technical, legal, or medical, etc.

Quality Control

ALT staff includes some of the best and most highly qualified interpreters and translators in the country.

Quality control is of the utmost importance. Employees' language skills are tested routinely through both Government-approved programs and company proficiency examinations. Translations are edited and proofed by our QC personnel before a finished product is delivered to the client, thus ensuring the highest level of quality on all assignments.
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