Common Services:


   • On-Site                       Interpretation

  • Video Remote and       Over the Phone           Interpretation

  • Document

  • Desktop Publishing

  • Proofreading

  • Transcriptions
  • Wire Intercept

  • Escort Interpreting

Translation and Review

    •  Manuals, Instructions & Training Material

    •  Newsletters and Publications 

    •  Business, Research & Technical Reports

    •  Certificates, Transcripts, Licenses

    •  Legal Documents

    •  Medical & Financial Records

    • Insurance Claims

Language is an ever-evolving and highly personal experience. Working with languages, we understand the need to be flexible and accommodating. Every project is individually reviewed and assigned appropriate linguists based on the scope, sensitivity, and industry required (i.e. medical, legal, technical, marketing, etc.). We take each client’s requests into consideration and are committed to providing timely and professional service. Please contact us for special requests and more information.  American Language Technologies understands the importance of each project. Whether it's a simple, one page document, or documents with page numbers reaching into the thousands, all work is carefully completed, reviewed and edited to ensure quality control. Completed documents can be accompanied by a notarized statement with the translator’s certification upon request.  

Remotely Accessible Solutions

Over the Phone (OPI) services provide clients with access to multilingual communication coverage anywhere internet or telephone service is available. Our innovative, phone and web-based solutions help organizations meet the need for reliable on-demand signed and spoken languages. Contact us ahead to set up a free account.

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting

• Legal Proceedings (Lawsuits, trials, counseling, etc.)

• Conferences, Conventions and Large         Events

• Individualized Visitor Escorts

• Lectures, Meetings and Presentations

• Wire Intercept

• Over the Phone

Escort Interpreters provide mobile, in-person professional language assistance for any situation. Whether it’s for business or personal events, escort interpreters are available to help clients navigate cultural and communication challenges to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.
Certified court interpreters make justice accessible to people who have communication challenges. Whether inside or outside the courtroom, our legal interpreters effectively communicate for all parties involved. We provide multilingual assistance for all legal proceedings, including trials, depositions, and agreements.


American Language Technologies offers remote audio/video file to text services for multiple languages. Whether it’s for business, captioned text, official records or research, ALT is flexible with the formatting and style requirements. Final transcriptions can then be translated into other languages upon request.

As a courtesy to our interpreters and to ensure availability on-site, (at least) 48 hours advance notice and cancellation is requested. While we have been known to pull off the “last minute miracle”, why leave things to fate?
Call to confirm availability and to schedule a professional today.



Languages Serviced:

With a growing network of over 3,500 professionals worldwide, ALT makes every effort to offer services for any language or dialect requested.  Contact us for all of your language needs.

Commonly Requested Languages:
  • American Sign Language
  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin)
  • Farsi
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian            

     ...and many more!  Contact us for the language you need.